Educate your team about Blood Fitness,
get motivated and then increase performance!

Do you really know what your bood is made up of?
Blood Fitness is the latest concept when refering to your own physical and mental performance. 
Understanding what your blood is made up of and what happens to your blood when you don't exercise and have poor nutrition and how that effects your brain. 
Changing the reasons as to why you need to eat health and exercise is the best way to get anyone to change bad habits. 
Your Blood Fitness is probably the best reason to make those positive changes. 


Great Team Sessions

Sure its great to share tips for staying in shape and eating heatlhy but how about getting your team motivated about the physical respones to lack of exercise and poor performance. Educate them on how it increase heart fucntiion, lung capacity and how that effects brain performance at work. 

Challenge the common myths. 

All those personal trainers and health experts putting out "bro science" with out any scientific evidence. The truth is there is a very logical explination to all those myths. Busting open the "no carbs after 5" myths and how your Blood Fitness is a major concer then it comes to general perfromance. 



You might not know anyone in your group at the start but you will soom become friends because of the regular battle with the challenges I put infront of you. I like to create a sence of community with my fitness family and it helps to keep everyone accoutable for turning up and playing their part in each session. There is no better feeling than acheving your goals together with a group of people who you have been sweating it out with for weeks on end and there is success for you at the finish line. 

What I Talk About!

  1. How to get yourself motivated
  2. What is blood fitness?
  3. How to improve your mental performace 
  4. How bad habits lead to depression
  5. Goal setting actually works
  6. Busting myths with science  
  7. How to fuel your body for great performance
  8. Best way to maintain a great bodyfat %
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Trim and Fit Trim and Fit

A trim and fit Mel!

A Totally Committed Mel B Gets in Shape

They call her Scary Spice Girl for a reason. When it comes to her fitness she is firece. Mel B would takle anything that I put in front of here with out hesitation. He daily goal was to always push harder than the day before and she woudl follow through on that goal. I have to say that she is one very determined women.  

– Mel B – Cam's Great!

Program Completed! Program Completed!

Me and Cam at the end of the program.

Men's Health Standard

Larry is a very dedicated person when he puts his mind to it. With a career spanning decades he certainly knows what comittment is. Coming into his tranformation he had some very clear goals which were his motivated. All I had to do was make sure the plan was water tight. Every day we woud monitor where he was at and make changes accordingly to how he was feeling and performing. He was absolutely great to work with. 

 Larry  Cam has a very structured plan to follow. All i had to do was follow it!