Achieve The Body That You Want!

I bet you have been wanting your perfect body for a long time.

I bet you have tried so manything things from weight loss products, lean muscle protein whey shakes even Personal Traininers that have left you feeling disappointed after months of paying out hard earned cash and no results. 

Before you can even start working towards the body that you want you first have to define clear goals and develop a plan. The secret is to work backwards from the date you want to achieve your goals and make sure both training program and food plans must be in alignment. From my point of veiw this is simple, Ive been doing it for 15 years with hundreds of different types of people. I have you you covered. 

Cam Byrnes



Most people think you need to be training two times a day everyday for 12 weeks straight to get the results they are after. WRONG! my philosophy has alwasy been train smart for your goal type. No need to train like a commando if your trying to build muscle. Chosing the right training program is going to save you wasted time in the gym. Having me as your Persoanal Training will ensure you are doing the exact workouts that are suited for you and you will have the right advice every session. 


80% of people training to change their body dont see reuslts because they dont change their eating habbits. By following a food plan deisgned by me ensures that you have a plan to follow and they are calorie counted so that you dont miss a meal or over eat your calories. Food guidance is widely miss out on when it comes to personal trainers and as a client all you want is some advice. If you are struggling with your food then its worth the investment. Shopping list, food plans, recipes and all easy "Man Friendly" food.  


Our brains are complex, often the litte vocie in our head convinces us that we wont succeed or allows us to self sabotage when we are working towards goals. I have no idea why self doubt is there but you need to concqure that ego within to beable to reinforce your ability to push through challenges and barries to achive the goals you want. I focus on state of mind with an emphasis on what holds you back and what helps you suceed. Success is always my end game but the bigger reward is seeing my clients achieve self development as well as their physical goals. 

Goal Setting

Realsistic and Achieveable! I have had so many people over the years come to me expecting me to perform a miricle. For the record I can't. But I can give the you best advice, a time frame and a method that will get you there. In some cases results are achieved in stages over a longer period of time depending on environmental factors. Setting specific goals is the key to getting what you want from your training. Im not here to waste your time. I here to kick butt and get you results. 

Results Tracking

I wont train anyone without tracking results. It keeps you accountable and me with the knowedge that what we are doing is working for you. Tracking results is important because it makes sure we stay on track and doing the correct training and that we are on the right food plan to hit your goals with in the set time frame. Weekly weigh-in and body measurments are mandatory. A dexa scan which is a light xray scan of your body at the begining of our goal setting is a scientifically proven measurement of body fat, bone density and lean muscle mass and therefore makes our results 100% accurate and validates at the end all the hard work we both put in to achieving you're end goal. 


The age old issue of having someone to answer to. Do you think you would work as hard in your job if you didn't have people above you providing expecations on your productivitiy and performance? Well im that guy when it comes to your health and fitness. Im not agressive nor do I get angry. My accountablity is a form or support and motivation. I do expect you to do your homework but when push comes to shove we are all human and we make mistakes. My job is to make sure you get back on the horse and keep moving towards your goals. Accountability will help keep you on track, motivated and driven to your goals especially through the tough times. I have your back.  

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

  1. Professional guidence
  2. Specific training programs that work
  3. Food plans aimed for your goals 
  4. Accountability
  5. Motivational support
  6. Health and fitness advice 
  7. Great technique advice
  8. Goal setting
  9. Results tracking
  10. Time specific results
  • trans1.png Nick Jonas

    But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing...

  • IMG_7590.JPG Luke Jacobz - Actor and Presenter

    Luke Jacobz has a fire with in him when he is on a mission. Like a bull a gate he needs to know absolutley everyting about what he is doing and why. His energy is off the charts which is why his transformation was amazing. Bursting out of his suits for Xfactor he ended up with a whole new wardrobe. His methodological approach to achieving his goals is extreme. It made it very easy to program for Luke because he will do exactly what you ask of him. 

  • IMG_9040-2.jpg Mel B (Scary Spice Girl)

    Mel B is like no other celebrity I have worked with. Big personality and and even bigger heart. But when it comes down to training her goals are specific. Mel wants the exact plan, and why it works and then will attack it at 100%. Becasue of her never quit attitude she transformed her body by dropping 15Kgs and steping out for a magazine cover shoot in high heels and a full six pack. She is a true inspiration for women around the world.


Training Info
Food Info
Recovery Info
Tracking Info



Basics Package - One on One Personal Training one time per week. 

If you only need the guidence and accountability from your Personal Trainer once a week with all the benefits that come withe having a Trainer then this package is for you. 

  • 1 PT session a week, Training programs, food plans, weekly tracking, personal dashboard and accountability.
  • $120 per week for a minimun of 12 weeks - Payment is direct debit weekly. (contact if require a different arrangement)

Results Pack - One on One Persoanl Training two sessions per week. 

If you are ready and extremely motivated to achive your goals in a set period of time then this pack is for you. 

  • 2 PT sessions a week to keep you highly motivated and focused. Training plans and food plans and weekly results tracking
  • Most popular package for value for money and results achieved
  • $200 per week for a minimum of 12 weeks - Payment by Direct Debit (contact if require a different arrangement)
image3 2.PNG

Caoching Pack - One on One Personal Training three times per week. 

You are highly motivated to reach impressive goals on time and you are ready to commit. 

  • 3 PT sessions a week will make sure you are going to reach your goals
  • You are phyiscally and emotionally ready to follow a full training & food plan and make sacrifices to reach your goals. 
  • $300 per week for a minimum of 12 week - Payment by Direct Debit (contact if require a different arrangement)


If you are not sure about which is the best option for you feel free to registere for a free consultation. 

  • A 20 min phone consultation to talk about where you are currently at and what you would like to achieve. 
  • If I can help you I can set up a meeting to discuss details further and to help you with the sign up so we can get started. 
  • Feel free to contact me, i dont bite. Im here to help. 

Trim and Fit Trim and Fit

A trim and fit Mel!

A Totally Committed Mel B Gets in Shape

They call her Scary Spice Girl for a reason. When it comes to her fitness she is firece. Mel B would takle anything that I put in front of here with out hesitation. He daily goal was to always push harder than the day before and she woudl follow through on that goal. I have to say that she is one very determined women.  

– Mel B – Cam's Great!

Program Completed! Program Completed!

Me and Cam at the end of the program.

Men's Health Standard

Larry is a very dedicated person when he puts his mind to it. With a career spanning decades he certainly knows what comittment is. Coming into his tranformation he had some very clear goals which were his motivated. All I had to do was make sure the plan was water tight. Every day we woud monitor where he was at and make changes accordingly to how he was feeling and performing. He was absolutely great to work with. 

 Larry  Cam has a very structured plan to follow. All i had to do was follow it!