6 Week Muscle OR Shred Program


Why is this 6 week program so successful?

"After years of personal training, I have seen it all. I've created the easiest and most effective 6 week program you can find. Fast and easy meals. Easy to follow results based workouts. Plenty of flexibility. This program teaches you the best "go to" meals when you are short on time. The best part is you have a shopping list to make it all that more fool proof." 
 Cam Byrnes

Great MAN Friendly Recipes to Keep You Fed During Your Program

Fast and Easy Recipes. 

No expensive ingredients. No fancy recipies. Everything is MAN friendly.  

This program:

  1. Easy to follow recipes that take less than 30mins. 
  2. Shopping lists that save you money
  3. Every meal and snack mapped out for you
  4. Each plan is calorie controlled towards your goals
  5. Food that is tasty, not fancy
  6. No crazy ingredients that cost a fortune
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Keeping It Simple!
Why my workouts get results.

There is no point creating complicated workouts. I give you all the basic exercises to follow. No need to to think! 

  • Are you looking to burn fat?
  • Do you want to build muscle?
  • Are you needing a training program?
  • Do you need an easy to follow food plan? 
     Sign up today and get RESULTS! 
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The Workouts !
My philiosophy is to not try and re invent the wheel. No new crazy workouts that will leave you feeling like your trying out for the olymipc diving team. My workouts are easy to follow but will push you outside your comfort zone. You will know the exercises and be able to make it to the end of each workout. Im flexible in my approach but disciplined in the comittment to regular exercise. 

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Reasons Why You Should Join!

  1. You will save money on food if you follow the program
  2. Get results if you stick to the plan
  3. By the end of the first week you will already feel the changes

  • IMG_7590.JPG Luke Jacobz - Actor and Presenter

    Luke Jacobz has a fire with in him when he is on a mission. Like a bull a gate he needs to know absolutley everyting about what he is doing and why. His energy is off the charts which is why his transformation was amazing. Bursting out of his suits for Xfactor he ended up with a whole new wardrobe. His methodological approach to achieving his goals is extreme. It made it very easy to program for Luke because he will do exactly what you ask of him. 

  • IMG_9040-2.jpg Mel B (Scary Spice Girl)

    Mel B is like no other celebrity I have worked with. Big personality and and even bigger heart. But when it comes down to training her goals are specific. Mel wants the exact plan, and why it works and then will attack it at 100%. Becasue of her never quit attitude she transformed her body by dropping 15Kgs and steping out for a magazine cover shoot in high heels and a full six pack. She is a true inspiration for women around the world.


  • Larry Emdur.jpeg Larry Emdur

    Larry Emdur, The Australian TV Legand! This man is something else. His determination and dedication to routine is outstanding. Everyday montioring and changing things to suit his extremely busy shecduale, Larry is alwasy committed to the bare minimum daily routine. And if there is a spare 30min somewhere then he devotes that to his goals. Larry is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with, he never misses a training session. His work ethic is higher than anyone I know and I have complete repsect for how he committs to goal. 

Are You Still Hesitating
You have come this far for a reason. My guess is that you are looking for a solution. A solution for weight loss or maybe you just need to build up your fitness again.
Maybe you have no idea where to start or you simply want to tone up and feel better. 
This program I can confidently say is very easy to follow, It's a "no brainer". The food is tasty and easy to cook, and you will save money by cooking your own food.
The workouts are easy to follow and adaptable for your level and the best part is that this program takes out all the thinking for you. 
Don't hesitate, its a small investment to get you on track towards your goals. 



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